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Media Management & Relations

  • Developing and maintaining effective relations with media outlets and key media.
  • This is an on-going exercise and Inter-Corp has well established relations with media covering a variety of sectors.
  • Providing accurate and on-time information to media and continuous networking helps in maintaining relations with important media.

Media Press Releases

  • Ensuring the effectiveness of a press release for media use is as important as distributing the release to concerned media.
  • Understanding the key message from the client’s view point and ensuring that it is newsworthy from the media point of view is imperative in ensuring the publication of a press release.
  • Timely distribution of press releases to ensure that reporters meet their deadlines as well as follow-up to ensure that the release has been received and seen by the person concerned is of utmost importance.

Collateral Material

  • Collateral Material: Maintaining and regularly updating collateral background information for clients and sharing the same with media contacts on a regular basis. A data-base of fact sheets, product information, executive bios and photographs of importance makes it easy to meet journalist deadlines and provide up to date and accurate information.
  • Keeping “Holding Statements” with regards to any emerging issues or expected developments helps us in providing fast response to queries and ensures that the client’s point-of-view is carried in any subject story.

Media Monitoring Services

  • Media Monitoring Services: As media channels, platforms and publications continue to multiply it is important to monitor them and see coverage related to our clients as well as the competition and to take any corrective measures. A Daily Monitoring Report provides a selection of clips by which the client at a glance can see major news about himself and the competition.
  • In addition, important news about the client industry and sector is also included. This includes policy changes, government initiatives, etc.

Media Training

  • Executives and company spokespersons dealing with media need to have an established comfort level and updated key messages prior to any interaction. Successfully dealing with the media requires planning and strategy, as different forms of media have different communication needs. Advance training helps to maximize the results of media interactions ensuring a positive outcome for you as well as the media.

Event Support

  • Industry events provide an opportunity to showcase the company to key target audiences. These events also see large presence of media from the specific sector. The media tends to be more knowledgeable as most of them have in-depth subject knowledge. However, they are also rushed for time due to large number of media interaction opportunities. To maximize the interaction opportunities with relevant media requires advance planning. It is also important to decide the communication methods (large scale press conference, round table or one-on-one interactions).

Media placement support

  • Any spend of financial resources should provide maximum return. While planning for advertisement placements and content, understanding the key audience and how they will perceive the planned communication ensures that the placement of advertisements are getting best value. We provide critical inputs with regards to material, communication and actual placements.

Crisis Communication

  • Reputation is the most valuable asset for an organization. When it is challenged, it is the highest priority to protect it. We have experts with more than 40 years of experience who can anticipate every move, respond quickly, effectively & efficiently and in a premeditated way with confidence to the firestorm of Media in such a grave situation.